The Aston Martin DB11 Series 24 | BBC

The Aston Martin DB11 Series 24 | BBC


Aston Martin going turbo is big news but have they ruined it? Matt LeBlanc takes the Aston Martin DB11 for a spin to put it to the test. Taken from : Series 24Series 24: Series 23: Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

Aston Martin going turbo is big news so have they ruined it this might just be the best all-around Afton in the last 20 years for 40 years but damn I’m old the engine might be smaller but those controversial new turbochargers mean Astin’s v12 now produces 600 horsepower which is enough in fact to make this the first DV car that will do over 200 miles an hour sounds like hell to and hey it’s still rear-wheel drive the gearbox is still out the back for better weight distribution and now there’s even proper multi-link rear suspension so if you do happen to accidentally end up in a massive power slide yeah do that too now some might complain that this British icon has sourced all of its electronic computer e stuff from Mercedes frankly I don’t care if the stuff behind the scenes is programmed by German guys and wire-rimmed glasses bother me at all mostly because unlike old Astin’s it actually works and besides all the tactile stuff is still just as it should be this leather is very leathery and this metal is very metal E and this wood is very oh I’m just kidding that’s nice wood there the armrest you don’t have to go through all that effort of manually sliding it back to get at that little bit of storage underneath there no there’s a switch here that does that for you I cannot believe that I have been manually sliding arm rests all these years like an ape that is time I cannot get back so it’s great to drive great to spend time in but it should be the DP eleven is a hundred and fifty five grand which does raise that old debate about half the money you could have a Nissan GTR which has about the same power and four-wheel drive and will annihilate this Aston around any circuit on earth but come on that’s not the point of the DB 11 this is a luxury yacht not a speedboat it’s a private jet not a jet fighter it’s about understated elegance sophisticated effortless yeah

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