The auction for the only Porsche 64 in 1939 failed because of the auctioneer


Last weekend in the auction house RM Sotheby’s scandal in the course of sales, “the oldest surviving car that says Porsche” coupe Type 64 in 1939. The auctioneer stated that bidding will start from $ 30 million, while initially the car was planned to sell only 20 million. His mistake he realized only when the rate jumped to a record 70 million.

In fact, the auctioneer was referring to the starting price of 13 million. When the man realized his mistake and announced it from the stage, the audience began to resent many left the hall, and some even accused the auctioneer of cheating. As a result the maximum suggested price for Porsche Type 64 has not exceeded $ 17 million that did not suit the management of the RM Sotheby’s, and the lot was withdrawn from sale.


Discussion around the Type 64 broke before the auction: the fact that some foreign media called the coupe “the world’s first Porsche” that is not true. The situation was clarified by the head of the Porsche historical archive, Frank Jung: according to him, the Type 64 was indeed designed by Ferdinand Porsche, but the eponymous brand at the time was not yet founded.

The sports coupe was designed in 1939 for a marathon, the Berlin – Rome cancelled due to the outbreak of the war. In all there were three instances with internal index Type 64, one of which passed into the possession of the families Porsche. In 1946, the German designer personally put on it the inscription with his name, so that the car can be called “oldest car that says Porsche”.

As far as “the very first Porsche,” then it is considered to be the 356 Roadster in 1948, which currently is in the Museum in Stuttgart.

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