The Audi Car of the Future – Audi Skysphere

The Audi Car of the Future – Audi Skysphere


This is the Audi car of the future called the Audi Skysphere and I am the first person in the World to drive one!The futuristic car has a moving steering wheel, fully autonomous driving and looks incredible. Is this the coolest Audi in the world? Is this the coolest car in the world? This concept car joins the Audi Grand Sphere in a sustainable, elegant and futuristic approach to the car world.Thanks @audi You can follow Supercar Blondie on:#Audi #AudiSkysphereConcept #concept #emobility #FutureIsAnAttitude

all right sergey watch this ready yeah all right look oh i’ve seen that car in the you seen this before where’s the driver there what kind of sorcery is this what is this it’s this this is a fully autonomous car of the future from audi yeah this is the uh the sky it’s got to be out the sky yes so you’ve seen a hint of it right but not in real life before so i’m going to show you around i’m going to show you around it has some of the coolest features ever featured on this channel right make sure you subscribe super garbanzo now what we’re going to look at first is the light show you know how i love my light shows you love lights all right so we’re gonna transform this this is at the moment in autonomous light mode wait look at this look at this at it yeah look at this wow look at the rubies lighting up so every one of these triangles uh light up oh oh yeah yeah look at this look at this yeah it’s like pulsing look at this the car is breathing now how cool is this i mean come on how beautiful all right that’s not the coolest thing no the coolest thing i’ve already seen is it drives by that’s not the coolest thing i’ve got something even cooler to show you guys all right come over here first thing i love these replaces open the door this one ready you got suicide doors how are you doing these things so you just run your hand along the outside and the door opens you want to do it on that side go around yeah i’m like a magician i feel like a magician it’s so cool these come out pretty far huh now come check out the inside you guys you got to see this okay so this is autonomous mode right so you have this massive screen in front of you just one long screen so you can watch movies and just like be driven around right just program it like you just go oh this is you know this is relaxation mode this is grand touring mode so you’ve got lots of space right and you don’t have any pedals no pedals no steering wheel nothing yeah no steering wheel so you just have like an app or something on your phone and you’re like yeah i want to go here and it drives you right this is autonomous mode but watch what happens when i put it into sports mode sports mode right here okay ready you got to relax though i mean this thing ready to take off sports mode watch this watch this oh my god gear level comes out steering wheel comes towards you the screen even moves towards you wow and now you’re in sports mode so you get to take control of this car and drive it around yeah i pass it yeah yeah i’m going in this is moving but why are we moving forward my entire body’s moving too look at your chairs yeah yeah i know where are we going you’re moving yes because not only does the interior transform the whole car lengthens ah i’ve seen wow yeah yeah so do you want to see it again very good so just like this right just sports mode yeah sports mode go why doesn’t every car in the world this is the future right here this is the future oh my god i just love how now it’s like a like a a cockpit for the driver right it’s like all comes towards you the whole experience audi doesn’t want the future to be like too digital and too inhuman right so they’ve got little analog features in here as well like this little clock which i really appreciate you know brings us back 100 years yeah yeah exactly exactly it’s known as clocks these days eh i mean you know you could have a digital clock so uh yeah okay fair enough but i was interested that you said 100 years because this car is actually a homage to the hawk that was made back in the 1930s i’m trying to say it correctly i’m not butchering it so there is this guy called august who i was born in august yes you are yeah okay great i’m glad you that’s all you got from that uh actually made a car that was like a a symbol of luxury okay it was called the hawk yeah and everyone wanted this car was super expensive then what happened is hawk turned into audi okay so oh okay so hawk is like the original audi okay another fun fact did you know that audi means to listen to listen nope this is the first i’ve heard of it in latin i had no idea i had no idea either i said it was in germany how cool is that and so what they’ve done is a hundred years later they’ve made the sky sphere and it’s meant to be the ultimate icon of luxury 100 years on from the ultimate icon of luxury in the 1930s the does that make sense that makes sense yeah and you know i have a i have a theory though you know who was the origin of audi do you know where they got their logo from because he just says be an h and then h i said that’s not how you spell hope sure all right yeah cool don’t tell anyone that they’ll laugh at you now in future obviously we’re moving towards sustainability right but audi’s like people still want luxury right you don’t just want sustainability and everything just looks a little bit crap right you want sustainability but luxury as well elegance right so everything you see all the materials are made from sustainable materials this this what does this feel like to you this hairdresser is sick i don’t know what it feels like but it’s sick it feels like alcantara right yeah yeah yeah yeah it does right it feels like alcantara it’s actually not it’s fake leather okay so it’s sustainable but it feels beautiful doesn’t it and this is reclaimed bamboo so the wood here okay which is quite cool and of course because the doors are so long you’ve got door close buttons all right so we’re gonna do door close buttons that’s right all right i saw some buttons on the panel too yeah yep so you’re gonna do this one that’s your door button yeah this is your door button yep all right okay go oh wow look at all of this yeah yeah yeah you have your music here so you can just press music yeah climates and everything yeah so this is all touch touch screen for you and i’ve got my own touch screen panel here along the side which is so cool yeah so you said the entire car extends yes the entire car extends have you seen that have we seen it yet but now we’re in sports mode so it the car is more compact it’s in its small size okay now we’re going to go into grand touring mode and it’s going to lengthen and we’re going to have more space in here because the whole car lengthens and we’re going to get to see that yeah we get to see it we get to see it okay you ready there you go now we’re in grand touring mode and we’ve got again all of this space in here just to chill yeah yeah i didn’t even feel i was i was looking at this morning the entire car actually looked like a whole car yeah did you do you guys see that i need to watch it from very cool we’re gonna go for a drive now yeah all right are you ready for this all right i’m gonna drive it now drive sports mode all right i love this i love how these things uh yeah this is super cool this is crazy it’s like magic what are you guys reckon one more thing to show you before we go search around the back you guys around the back look at this whole panel here isn’t this just gorgeous one big panel and we need to see the lights look at them look at them flickering the lights change between autonomous mode and self-driving mode i love the audi like this yes and the glass panel looks super clean so cool right this here as well this opens this is for your luggage i actually love that they’re using lights now for the logos instead of actually just sticking a logo on like this is so much cooler this is awesome i hope you guys enjoyed all right that’s it love you guys we’re out you

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