The automobile business will never be the same. The effects of coronavirus

The automobile business will never be the same. The effects of coronavirus


The crisis caused by the COVID-19, has affected the automotive industry as a whole in the world and in Ukraine in particular.

At the end of March sales of new cars fell by 10% compared to February 2020, and by 15% compared with the period last year (see infographic).

However, we should not forget that the crisis is not only new challenges but also great opportunities. In fact, the virus gave impetus to the transition of the automotive industry in a digital format. The dealers have already offered their services in an online format.

And although the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine by its decree of 2 April authorized the sale of new cars, the trend toward digitalization of sales will develop.


Global auto industry while also radically change. Recently leading the Association of European automobile ACEA, CLEPA, ETRMA and CECRA sent to the European Commission a letter asking to soften the timelines and targets on CO2 emissions for European cars. If the decision about the weakening of requirements is accepted, it will change the existing paradigm of the automobile industry in Europe and around the world.

It is difficult to predict what is waiting on the auto industry, and one thing is clear: the automotive industry will not be the same as it was yesterday.

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