The autopilot Tesla today marks 4 years

The autopilot Tesla today marks 4 years


Today marks exactly four years since then, as drivers of cars Tesla became available adaptive cruise control “Autopilot-Autosteer”. Engineers Tesla is rapidly catching up with competitors from Wayamo (a subsidiary of Google), despite the fact that the latter is far more experienced in creating cars with autopilot, and their “drones” during the tests a total wound more than 16 million kilometers.

The fact that Wayamo, like most other manufacturers use a technology called LIDAR (receiving and processing information about deleted objects using active optical systems). Elon Musk believes that LIDAR is a temporary solution and the future of the autopilot for the cameras. Therefore, the Tesla engineers do not need any tests, information they collect from all sold cars that were released since October 2014, and equipped with sonar, cameras and radar. While their cars go around the world and not only in California, as machines Wayamo. This means that the more cars sold the more miles they wound, the more perfect is their autopilot.


However, no incident is complete. Unmanned vehicles is still prohibited by law in many countries, but, apparently, drivers of the Tesla is not very interested. They often check on what is capable “autopilot” in their cars, and often get in an accident. This led to the fact that on may 7, 2016 occurred the first fatal accident on the car moving in Autonomous mode. The machine didn’t recognize the bright moving trailer highway tractor, and at full speed drove into it. The driver of the car died. Then it turned out that the autopilot cannot detect the side of the trailer, after all, designed to avoid hitting the car in front. The driver of the car distracted from the road, which as yet do not.

Anyway, today the question of creation of automotive autopilot engaged almost all the world’s major automakers, which clearly gives to understand fully the emergence of unmanned vehicles on public roads is not far off.

And how it all began, when the first unmanned vehicle and what were the most important moments in the history of the automobile autopilot, you can see that we have prepared especially for you.

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