The average price of gas dropped to 9 UAH/l

The average price of gas dropped to 9 UAH/l


23 APR Glusco network reduced prices in all regions on 1 UAH/l to 7.95 UAH/liter. In most regions the minimum price of LPG among all retailers to be monitored. In the Metropolitan area below the price Glusco trade only “Avantage”, the MOTTO and Mango.

Continues to reduce prices and consolidated the network of the group “Privat”. April 23, the national average gas in the network fell by 25 kopecks/liter, from 15 to 60 kopecks/liter depending on the region. The minimum price level “Private” holds in Chernihiv – to 7.80 UAH/liter.

“BRSM-Nafta” in some regions started to decline in the range of 10-60 liter, the average price across the country fell by 15 kopecks/liter, to 8.86 UAH/liter.


Continues to get cheaper gas and in regional networks, “Parallel”, “Kind-Nick”, “Ruhr Groups” (see table).

The price of gas at the gas station illegal, according to market participants, range 7,60–7,80, depending on the region.

Due to quarantine, retail sales of gas fell by 20-30%, according to market participants. At the beginning of April, the surplus in the LPG market was estimated by traders at 20-25 kt During the first two decades of April, Ukraine imported 67.8 thousand tons of liquefied gas, which is 5% less than in the same period in March.

The change in retail prices of LPG at petrol stations from 22 to 23 April, the UAH/l:

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