The battery is in a million! New patent Tesla

The battery is in a million! New patent Tesla


American manufacturer of electric company Tesla Elon musk has patented a new more durable and cheaper electrode of the NCA, which probably will be used in its new batteries. Previously partner Tesla for the study of batteries Jeff Dan from Dalhousie University, announced impressive results of tests of the new battery cell that can provide more than 1 million miles of electric vehicle.

New tested battery is a lithium-ion battery with “monocrystalline” NMC 532 cathode of the next generation and to new and improved electrolyte, which was also patented by Tesla.

The tests was achieved over 4000 cycles of charge – discharge in the battery elements, made using the new cathode.


Currently, Tesla patent “monocrystalline” electrodes NCA, as described in a recently published patent application titled “Method of synthesis of Nickel-cobalt-aluminum electrodes”.

The research of the authors of the invention were applied two-step synthesis process to obtain a monocrystalline Nickel-cobalt-aluminum electrodes.

Earlier it was reported, Tesla is working on a secret internal project “Roadrunner”.

The aim is to move on their own batteries, using technologies developed by the internal teams of the Tesla.

Over the past few months, the automaker in conditions of high secrecy in developing production equipment, for example, a pilot production line in Fremont.

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