The best of the best – PEUGEOT 208 named car of the year 2020 in Europe


2 March, at Geneva, announced the results of the final voting for car of the Year 2020. The jury of the competition consisted of 60 members from 23 countries, and the majority of votes were in favor of the PEUGEOT 208, which allowed him to win a major title, and become the “Car of the Year 2020”.

PEUGEOT 208 opens a new page in its segment hatchbacks and sets new trends. Its exterior design embodies the brand’s DNA thanks to the led front headlamps in the style of “the claws of the lion”. The car’s design is sharp, bold and progressive. That only is a new generation of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit with 3D instrument panel and opportunities: a handy little wheel, the quality of the trim materials, the ergonomics of the Central console, “space” three-dimensional instrument panel, massage front seats and many more features.

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New PEUGEOT 208 only among the competitors of the competition and offers an electric version, and a version with internal combustion engines. Engine electric PEUGEOT e-208 with a capacity of 100 kW (136 HP) develops a maximum torque of 260 Nm for an acceleration and the energy stored in the battery capacity of 50 kWh/h. Thanks to the optimised running gear, energy efficient climate control system and excellent aerodynamics PEUGEOT e-208 is able to travel on a single battery charge of up to 340 km in accordance with the Protocol certification WLTP and 450 km on the NEDC cycle.

If to speak about internal combustion engines, the units 100 and PureTech PureTech 130 with an 8-speed automatic EAT8 are unique to In-class. Available for hatchback 3-cylinder petrol engines volume of 1.2 liters capacity of 75, 100 and 130 HP engine paired with manual or automatic transmissions. And diesel 4-cylinder engine of 1.5 BlueHDi 100 with a 6-speed manual transmission. All internal combustion engines comply with modern environmental standards Euro-6.d.

PEUGEOT is part of the “three” brands with the most awards in the history of “Car of the year” with six trophies. During the years of the competition the company has won no less of five titles of “car of the year”, and with the new PEUGEOT 208 has recorded the sixth award to your account. This prestigious trophy is among twelve other international awards the New PEUGEOT 208 has already won since the presentation in Europe.

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