The best sports cars of 2021 according to Top Gear

The best sports cars of 2021 according to Top Gear


British automotive magazine Top Gear has tried to figure out which sports car is the best in 2021. The short list includes 5 models, two of which are “Germans”, one “Italian”, one “Korean” and one “French”. The results were unexpected.

Choosing the best sports car was not easy. Over the past weeks, Top Gear has eliminated 26 contenders from the list.

As a result, the fifth position was taken by the Ferrari SF90, which, during the tests of the British journalists, demonstrated itself perfectly in all disciplines, except for handling during cornering and power plant operation.

The fourth was the Porsche 911 GT3, which has proven itself both on the public road and at the race track. However, as noted in Top Gear, it is still inferior to its predecessor.

The top three were opened by the BMW M3, which could very well have become the best, but its appearance prevented it – the huge nostrils of the radiator grille spoiled the final assessment of the model, because, as you know, design for a sports car is no less important “technology”.

The second place is taken by the Peugeot 205 GTi – the car brought a lot of pleasure to the journalists of the British magazine during the tests, but the absolute leader was unexpectedly the compact Hyundai i20N, which also became the cheapest car in the entire test. The testers called it fast, compact and inexpensive.

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