The bestseller of Volkswagen in 2019 was the sausage

The bestseller of Volkswagen in 2019 was the sausage


The company Volkswagen has announced the top-selling model over the past 2019. Surprisingly, a best seller was not a car, and traditional German currywurst sosiska that at 47 years old is produced at the plant.

Past 2019, the German brand has produced 6.2 million vehicles at its plants around the world, which today is about 50. At the same time, only one sausage factory in Wolfsburg produced 6.8 million sausages. Tried them?

The history of sausage production began in the 1930-ies, when the company decided to produce food for employees. But brand Volkswagen currywurst appeared in 1973, 47 years ago. The first time it was produced only for employees, but then began to sell outside the factory.

The success of the sausages, which are relished as tens of thousands of plant employees and local residents resulted in the rapid growth of their popularity. In the end, the signature currywurst began to import in several other countries.

Specialty sausages have become so integral to the history of the company that they even give your number in the directory, like any other car parts: 199 398 500 A.



Volkswagen is not the only car company that is also involved in food production. For example, a manufacturer of premium cars Bentley last July 2019 installed two hives and in the middle of September already gathered the first harvest – about 100 cans of the brand of honey.

Also the honey production has been the company Porsche in Leipzig is located apiary brand of 40 hectares, which is home to half a million bees. Only the first year produced about 400 pounds of honey, which was sold in the store at the plant.

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