The biggest electric car in the world – electric truck

The biggest electric car in the world – electric truck


Electrochemical Dumper “Dumpertruck” is the biggest buggy in the world at the moment. 45-ton transport capable of transporting more than 65 tons of rock at a time.

eDumper “Dumpertruck”. It is so named model construction vehicles. In English the name means “dump Truck”, and the subscript “e” indicates an electric motor installed in it. Swiss company Kuhn created this dump truck, to spend less of diesel fuel. This technique burns a ton of that.


Usually it is equiped with 23.1-liter turbocharged diesel engine. But in this case the truck runs on electric motors that take power from lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 600 kW-h Is roughly six times more than the Tesla Model X. this update of the power plant can save 50 thousand tons of diesel fuel a year.

Perhaps, the modernization of the truck will be the starting point to the future of heavy equipment and the manufacturers seriously think about the electric motors. Indeed, given the significant economy of fuel, it is possible to achieve lower cash costs.

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