The bike is Sur-Ron Boom Bee caught during testing

The bike is Sur-Ron Boom Bee caught during testing


Video published tests on a dirt track shows that the Chinese company is working on a new electric Enduro. And recently edition Electrek got the specification of the new item.

Sur-Ron first appeared on motorine in the beginning of last year with light electric motorcycle Light Bee/Firefly. It is a powerful and easy bike small size with 6-kilowatt engine. With a maximum speed of about 80 km/h, it still wasn’t enough.


Now, judging by the video and source Electrek, the company plans to produce a large electricl called Boom Bee. It will be a full-sized bike similar to the Zero FX.

It is expected that he will receive a 20-kilowatt motor, double battery, and will weigh much more Light Bee. The model still needs to obtain some equipment that the prototypes sent for testing to the dealers around the beginning of 2020.

Perhaps the manufacturer will show Boom Bee at the end of the current year, then we’ll know more details about the upcoming new product. And while it is possible to see really powerful bike in the video below.

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