The bike is Ultraviolette F77 proved to be a sensation

The bike is Ultraviolette F77 proved to be a sensation


The exterior of the motorcycle from Ultraviolette Automotive is impressive – really beautiful machine! But only one appearance advantages of the new product are not exhausted.

First, what is interesting in the production model, challenging the equipment with petrol engines volume of 250-300 CC and cost about 300,000 rupees ($4200) is mass: F77 weighs just 158 kg. Thus, 34-horsepower electric motor to him enough to leap up to 60 km/h in 3 seconds, acceleration to hundred in 7.5 sec and maximum 147 km/h. Reserve enough to overcome distances up to 150 km, and then you want the standard charge for five hours or hour and a half “refill” from the Express terminal. There is a system of choice movement settings, Eco, Sport and Insane.


Traction battery installed in the frame type “birdcage”. Brake system – front chetyrehporshnevye caliper and single-piston rear. Wheels 17-inch tyre with dimension of 110/70 R17 front and 150/60 R17 rear. The bike will be available in different color combinations, Shadow, Lightning and Laser. Orders are already being taken, but deliveries are expected only in November 2020.

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