The bike set a new land speed record

The bike set a new land speed record


Racer ZEF Eisenberg has been able to achieve a record peak speed of 317 kilometers per hour on the electric bike built for the TT Zero championship. The record was set at the airport Elvington in York in memory of the pilot of the Daly Matheson, crashed during a race in June this year on the Isle of man.

Power electric motorcycle developed by Nottingham University, is 255 horsepower. Especially for the race it was reconfigured, with the result that his average speed was 297,894 kilometers per hour and a maximum of 317 kilometers per hour.

However, the record of Eisenberg as unofficial as it has not yet been confirmed by the International Federation of motorcycles (FIM). According to the rules, the record speed is calculated by the time during which we passed a certain distance, and the rider must make two successful arrival within the hour.


Eisenberg and killed Matheson played for the same team MadMax. To record in Eisenberg talked to the wife of the deceased rider to find out her opinion on his idea with the world record. She, according to him, gave his blessing.

Earlier, another biker Marco George set a speed record on a motorcycle, standing on my head. In this position he clocked up to 122.5 km. And George is not a professional racer or even a stunt man. He works as an engineer-robotics expert, and a motorcycle is just his hobby.

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