The black strip Renault

The black strip Renault


Renault SA, the second largest automobile company in the country, reported falling sales in the world in the first half of 2020 against the background of the pandemic coronavirus, but recorded some improvement in June.

As stated in the press release from Renault, the group’s sales in January-June decreased by 34.9%, to 1,256 million cars with 1,931 million vehicles over the same period a year earlier. Meanwhile, the world market during this period dipped by 28.3%, according to estimates by Renault.

The drop in sales is mainly attributable to the negative impact of rigid restrictive measures imposed in the countries where the company operates to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.


The implementation of group vehicles in Europe in the first half of the year fell by 41.8%, to 623,854 thousand units, while the European market declined by 38.9%.

In June, a marked acceleration in the pace of sales growth in the region. The market share of the brands Renault and Dacia reached 10.5% and 3.5%, respectively. In addition, the company last month received a record volume of orders for Zoe electric cars. Their sales in Europe in the first half increased by nearly 50%, up to 37,540 thousand.

Sales on then market, Renault is the second after French, in the first half decreased by 19.5% to 192,158 thousand However, then market has dropped even more – by 23,3%, and the share of Renault in our country increased to 30.2%.


In India, Renault sales decreased by 28.7%, in Brazil – by 46.9%, in China – 21.2%. However, in South Korea, sales jumped 51.3% due to demand for the new XM3 crossover, released in March.

Renault shares rise in price by about 1% during trading in Paris on Monday. With the beginning of the year capitalization of the company decreased 42.8%, to 6.95 billion euros.

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