The BMW M2 Competition | Chris Harris Drives

The BMW M2 Competition | Chris Harris Drives


Chris Harris Drives is back! Out goes the old BMW M2, and in comes the M2 Competition. Revised chassis. Ugly wheels. And the engine from the M3. Harris puts it to the test at a scary race track in France. Chris Harris Drives: Drag Races: Walkarounds: Want to watch a bit of on the internet? Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of official clips you’ll find on YouTube. Whether you’re searching for a caravan challenge, Ken Block in the Hoonicorn, cars versus fighter jets, Stig power laps or the latest Chris Harris Drives, you can find all the iconic films here. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official YouTube channel:

Normally, when BMW adds
a competition badge to an M car it needlessly ruins the suspension
and adds some ugliness to the wheels. But with the M2 competition it has done something different,
something better. Because the M2 competition
actually gets a new engine. The S55 unit from the M3
is now wedged in there, and you even get the funky
carbon strut brace. You also get a new chassis, new brakes,
and a decent percentage of a new cabin. You now have 410 horsepower
and 405 foot-pounds of torque. Big increases on the old car,
but you also get an extra 55 kilograms. But BMW loves its traditions,
so it's added some uglier wheels, just to stay faithful to the competition
heritage. Did you have a good summer holiday? I did, but the way to get back into work
is the new BMW M2 Competition. Now it looks like BMW has very kindly
given us an M2 with an M3 power bomb
but it's not quite as simple as that because the old M2 engine was killed off
by the latest emission regulations. So, either the M2 had to die
or BMW had to bolt this engine in. So we get a load more power,
a bit more torque– We get some more weight as well and
that's the thing I'm a bit sniffy about. The power-to-weight ratio of this car
isn't that much better than a normal M2. So, let's see what it's like
on the circuit. The last M2 was always quite a handful.
What have we got here then? We're at Clermont-Ferrand,
which is one of the great circuits. I've not been here before. I have
no idea why I didn't know about it, because it's superb. The elevation changes are amazing. Gearbox: DCT in this one. It's really, really sharp.
I reckon the shifts are that much quicker. A little bit of rain at the moment,
so I'm losing a bit of traction. Engine: Pulls like a horse. Doesn't feel quite as angry
as it does in the M3 and for me there's always been
a personality about the M2 that was missing in the M3. And it comes from that short wheelbase. The car just changes direction
so aggressively, but it also feels a little bit spiky. There's an element of danger
like it's a 2002 turbo. I love that about these things. Balance is good. We've got a bit of understeer
in the middle of the corner and we've got oversteer coming out
really as much as you want. Let's just demonstrate that. Here we go. We get on the gas and we get
a little bit of that coming out. There you go, armfuls if you want it. Very controllable, typical BMW. Cabin: I quite like these new instruments. They've got a sort of new M5 style
instrument pack in there that looks quite funky and technical. Brakes: Very good. I'd say the brakes
are quite a standout for this. This car still doesn't have the agility
of a Cayman, but what I like is that even though it's a
complete yobbo when you want to be, far more of a yob actually than a Cayman, it can now carve the straight line
a load more than it could. So it's a fast car,
it really is a fast car. If you wanted something to run every day
do the occasional bit of track work I would never have advised the last M2,
it wasn't up to the job. This one certainly is. As tested, this car, steel brakes,
fairly normal spec inside, is £49,000. That's an awful lot
for a 2-Series based car, but I don't know what else will do this
for the money. Of course, the main competition
for the M2 really… is a used M3, isn't it? You can even pick one of those up
for about 40 grand. So, would you have a used M3 or an M2? I think my money's on the M2 competition. There's something about this. It's quite spiky, it's quite good fun… There's a personality here
that I really, really enjoy. Yeah, I'm taking one of these. Let's do a bit of slightly stuff here.
Look at this. Why is it that BMW's engineers just know how to make cars feel
super, super settled when they slide? It's partly the way they let them go
all the way to the limits of grip and the tyre never gets really spiky.
The drop-off in grip is always consistent. Also, the power steering, the electric power steering on this car
is a bit lifeless, however, it stays consistent
in the assistance all the way to the lock stops. There you go, some really useful
consumer information. This circuit, wow, what a place. There is a bit of deadness
to the steering, you know. It is just a little bit lifeless. But, I don't know, all steering systems
tend to be like that. Seating position
still a bit too high for me. I don't know why BMW are into that
these days, but they seem to be. What a thing. It's slippery there though. Yes, slippery today, it's slippery today. Hold onto the wheel, Chris.

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