The BMW M2 Coupe will become the unit’s power at 420 horses

The BMW M2 Coupe will become the unit’s power at 420 horses


BMW has unveiled for their fans, plans for the future regarding M-variations of the second series and the most productive power units current units.

Representatives of the German concern said that they would try to keep the rear drive system for future generations the second series, while it will create kind of a mess, especially if we take into account that the updated car Active Tourer will be constructed on the architecture of the system front-wheel drive, as it happened with the most recent new model, the Gran Coupe of the second series.


According to the portal “Autocar”: the second series in a body “coupe” will be staged on a “trolley” CLAR and acquire shestilopastnye gearbox rear-wheel-drive or eight-speed automatic. Output variations xDrive is not planned.

Gamma engines BMW second series starts with M2 serial number G87, which will get under the hood a twin-turbo three-liter engine from a fellow X3 M and X4 M, and the upcoming appearance of the M3 and M4. The efficiency of these plants is expected to reach 420 “horses”. This “stuffing” will allow to compete with foreign cars Mercedes-AMG A-class. CoupĂ© will accelerate from standstill to a hundred kilometers per hour in 4 seconds.

Upgraded variation of M2 will be implemented in about two years, then going to clean the car M2 Gran Coupe with all-wheel drive system. Preparing for the appearance and the “pumped” variation of the debut series, which will be more powerful than the current M135i. It is not excluded that BMW won’t name it the M1 or 1M, as fans of the brand believe these indexes is quite significant for the model with front wheel drive.

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