The BMW style hardware KTM: the new big guy from CFMOTO

The BMW style hardware KTM: the new big guy from CFMOTO


The new hardware KTM style R1250 BMW RT and the engine is the largest of the “Chinese” of displacement.

In Ukraine, the company CFMOTO is known primarily for its ATVs and ssvs, but in its production program are present and motorcycles – more than ten models. However, until recently the upper limit of the cubic capacity was 650 cubic cm – this displacement row “two” had three of the top models.

But the situation is changing. Some time ago, the Chinese showed a concept created in partnership with KTM, but since then no news on this subject was not. And suddenly… the public have shown a new product that no one was waiting for: a Tourer with an engine almost twice larger than ever volume CFMOTO CF1250J. And, not a concept and not a pre-production sample, and the most that neither is a commodity camera.


Yet it was presented only in one variant of execution: a police motorcycle with a single seat. But after that will appear a civilian version, with a full seat and without special equipment.

The power unit CF1250J designed on the basis of Kimovska engine LC8, but its working volume is slightly reduced, from 1301 until 1279 “cubes”. Data on capacity yet, but it is reasonable to assume that motor a little deportirovali to ensure a more even pull throughout the Rev range.

Special attention deserves the dashboard. This is perhaps the coolest in the motor industry “tidy” as of today: real TFT TV! It seems that the Chinese decided to catch up with their Japanese and European competitors, deciding at once to get ahead of them. Look!

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