The BMW Supercar of the Future

The BMW Supercar of the Future


This is the BMW Vision i Circular, a supercar concept by BMW made of completely recyclable material with some of the coolest gadgets in the world. The tech in this car has features I’ve never seen anywhere else. Take a look for yourself and see why the fully electric BMW Circular is one of the coolest cars in the world.Special thanks to @BMW and @BMWi or sponsoring this video.Also special thanks to BMW board member Pieter NotaExplore BMW’s virtual world experience: (only accessible until September 12)#THEiVisionCircular #joytopia #BMWIAA #reimaginetoday#futuremobility #bornelectric #circularity #urbanmobility #sustainablecar #rethink

all right check this out this is the bmw i vision circular is this the supercar of the future i asked that because we really need to rethink what a supercar is gone will be the days of the roaring v8 so what is going to take its place will this be it this is kind of crazy everything you see here here here here here everything is a hundred percent from recycled materials this is the future that is crazy when you think about it now what they’ve also done bmw is thinking about how to not just recycle right but also reduce the number of materials they’re using this is usually where a kidney grill would be right and you can kind of see them doing this with the lines here the lights instead of an actual grille instead of having separate parts for the headlights for the grille for the bmw logo it’s all one part instead of having a bmw logo sticking out and placed on top of the car it’s actually etched into the recycled aluminium of the body now you see here the circular when i saw that i was like what in the world is circular you know i know recycled but what is circular so recycled materials once you put them in the little recycling bin you don’t know what they’re going to come back as and be used for but circular means once you recycle this body this aluminium body it will come back exactly as an aluminium body for the next car so it’s recycled to be used for the exact same purpose now this is cool check this out here you would expect to see a bmw logo but it isn’t so why in the world is that every single letter of the word circular is in this logo so i’ll give you a second to figure it out let’s just see if we can do this see see i are i can’t do it i’m sure you guys can do it okay moving on you see the the look of this tire see how it has all these flex in it this is a hundred percent recycled rubber what are you looking at what are you doing that’s christian so uh we’re not allowed to touch the car are we don’t do it again so we’ve got recycled rubber recycled aluminium recycled plastic down here and what you can customize in the future is lights so you can have lights run all the way around your windows which is very cool so you could have them in different patterns or colors instead of using materials extra materials right to customize your car now what is really cool is this can you guys see this the back is like this purplish color it fades from this silvery gold into this purple color now bmw wanted to use color on their vehicles in future but without using paint because paint of course is not great for the environment so how have they been able to do this they have treated the original materials used so this is an aluminium and with some treatment you can get it too this beautiful kind of matte silk finish now here on this panel this is all recycled steel and if you look at the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle you can see at the end from the heat it kind of goes into this purplish color like this and you can achieve that not using paint of course but you can achieve that using heat how cool is that i know you guys are keen to see the interior because it is the coolest part of the car but i just want to show you outside first and then we’ll head on in they do not have a bmw logo they actually have it lit up so just using lights and one panel across the entire back so no separate tail lights etc look at this it’s all integrated into the one panel this car only uses 12 materials 12 different materials today’s cars can use hundreds of different materials so they’re really trying to reduce the amount of materials they’re using they’re recycling everything they are reusing just the four r’s there they go boom boom boom on the screen the grand reveal you guys are you ready for this this is epic all right let’s do it okay see how it lights up and look at this look at this look at this how many different things can you look at at once this whole panel lighting up here i love and this here i mean come on this is like your own personal aquarium watch this it responds to your hand look how it disperses when i go up and down how cool is that it’s actually because you’ve got the camera too close it’s not working anymore see now now that the camera’s away it actually is just responding to my my hand i mean come on so their vision is for technologies to still be fun in future you know not just to have everything white white white white and all purely for function it needs to be fun still right we don’t just want to go into a future of just like everything just working but not feeling anything anymore so that’s the idea behind this this is actually where you would interact with the car this would be your center console the other thing is there’s no separate screen right in cars today you always have a screen and that’s where you interact with the radio and the gps etc etc again they didn’t want to use extra materials for that screen so bmw was like right this car already has a massive screen and that’s the windscreen right so everything that you would find on your center console is now going to be displayed on your windscreen so you can interact with this and go change the radio station and it will appear up here everything on heads-up display let’s just appreciate the interior show one more time it comes all the way around here we go here we go where in the world have you seen this before this is so epic imagine having a car in future that has this as your center console and you can even change the color if blue isn’t your thing oh look at that nice wow and all of this is 3d printed so what they’re doing is they’re not using a big block of material and then cutting out from that material and having scraps left over they’re using exactly the amount of material they need for this by having it 3d printed so that’s 3d printed this here is 3d printed as well the hinge the door hinge and just look how cool that looks that has removed every single bit of material that isn’t necessary for the structure of the hinge and that’s why it looks like that it’s actually worked out the strongest pattern and 3d printed that in order to hold this door this wood is fully recycled 100 recycled again all 3d printed the bmw logo here is etched in and all of this material as well all recycled this is actually made from a type of plastic a polymer and this as well this is all made from a type of polymer as well and you see it’s got this marbling effect now the reason why is because when you recycle materials there’s always going to be kind of outlying color discrepancies right so instead of just having them kind of randomly placed throughout the door it’s going to look a bit ugly they emphasize those color discrepancies and just went let’s make it into like an actual marble from the recycled pieces so that’s quite cool now you see this design detail everywhere all of these stripes here across the front all here on the wheels you see this this pattern right this isn’t just for design purposes and i’ll show you why that is in here you might notice look there’s little pattern the same pattern here on the roof you see this so at the moment the the the roof is open but you can actually close it by moving those panels just a few centimeters so having that pattern allows you to very easily move the panels to close and open the roof and so that was the thinking for the roof and then they thought right let’s take that same pattern that paneling pattern and use it as a design feature for the rest of the car if you’re not able to make it to the iaa in munich to see this car in person bmw has done something very special i want to show you this right now all you need to do is go to you can choose your avatar i’m going to be look rethinker electric nomad i’m going to be sustainial because that looks cool all right enter here we go bmw has created virtual worlds for you to explore ready all right here we go here is their philosophy rethink reduce reuse recycle all right now we can explore all of the new cars there’s the fox that welcomes you and you might recognize the voice that’s christoph volts very famous actor so they have all of these people interacting with you in the space right you ready let’s go you just tap on the screen and walk through the world look there’s another user in there at the moment so we can walk together to explore and guys there’s a hack if you press f on your keyboard you can actually fly check this out okay this is how you’d open ready with this yes i love how there’s no pillar here either there’s just so much space so what do you think oh hey what’s guys guys guys this is peter nodder the coolest board member at bmw i just gave you that title are you cool with that it’s your decision he’s like yeah of course i’m the coolest you know we’ve been chatting about this car today i’m so glad you could join us actually because i have a couple questions for you of course it’s cool it’s very talk about it what i would like to know is we’ve been talking about how bmw and other car companies want to kind of redefine what a supercar is right yes because for a long time you think of like the roaring v8 you know very fast very low to the ground car yeah everyone knows the kind of cars we’re talking about peter has a son and a daughter how old are they eight and eleven eight and eleven so they’re the next next generation do you think that when they’re 18 and they’re getting their driver’s license and they go to buy a car they would look at this and go that’s a supercar absolutely because we are talking really with kids yeah you already mentioned it about the next generation and of course as a bmw group we take responsibility for this next generation yeah this car is going to be super cool but at the same time taking sustainability to a next level and this vehicle and that’s really super about it is made out of hundred percent recyclable uh material so that is pretty cool yeah and of course it’s fully electrified it’s very very quick so it will also be seen as a supercar and look at this interior so we show with this car sustainability and our freud our ultimate driving machine that that concept are not contradicting each other yeah right my son yesterday challenged me and i was coming up with the ix yeah and i said i’m just as sustainable as as your bike because i drive electric right and he said no no no there is one thing it costs much more to produce your car on my bike he’s all over this vehicle we addressed that if you haven’t seen it i was reviewing the new i4 in la and you can go check out that video in the link underneath this one and what i found was really cool is the batteries itself were made in a plant that got the energy from a local hydro absolutely so everything is actually being made all of the parts etc are being made sustainably tell me what’s your favorite feature when you saw this you were like oh well i think many things but look at the interior also how uh how posh it looks like and of course this i think the whole ui ux so how you operate the car will be brilliant so yeah the digitalization also uh how we’ve actually used um digitalization to really operate the car yeah it’s brilliant all right everyone that’s peter norton thank you board member at bmw and thank you so much for being on the channel it’s always a pleasure to have you yeah thank you we’ll see you soon you

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