The BMW X6 has got a special color Vantablack

The BMW X6 has got a special color Vantablack


The black color in the world received a new generation of the BMW X6 – the Vantablack coating VBx2 can absorb up to 99% of light.

BMW collaborated with Agency representatives Levitation 29 and employees Vantablack Surrey Nano Systems has developed the X6, which became the black in the world. It is expected that in the future this color will be able to replace camouflage cover as it will hide most of the details of the car.


In General, the coating justifies the means. For example, in the photo to see the innovations BMW X6 2020 is simply unrealistic. In addition to the lights and some details of the car resembles a black void.

The third generation of X6 has design X5 and kupeobrazny the roof line. In the USA the model is available in AWD and RWD versions. They have mothra turbocharged three liters, which has a capacity of 335 horsepower. There is also a modification of the X6 M50i, which got a V8 powerplant with twin turbo with a capacity of 523 horsepower. In conjunction with both engines running eight-speed automatic transmission.

As for the interior, there is a infotainment display on the 12 inch and digital instrument panel the same size.

The value of this model starts from 65 thousand dollars. In November this year, cars will start to arrive to dealers.

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