The Brand New 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo

The Brand New 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo


Enter here for your chance to win an officially licensed 1967 Ford Mustang โ€œEleanorโ€ plus $20,000!!! ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰ Was actually an amazing car to drive with 710 hp!! Check out how to tell if the newest Ferrari on the market drives by! Special thanks to @superiorrentalFollow me on:#omaze #ferrari #f8tributo

all right this is exciting guys i’ve partnered with omaze to give you guys the chance to win an official 1967 gone in 60 seconds aboard mustang eleanor plus you get 20 000 in cash and shipping and taxes are included to enter go to this website right now blondie it’s that easy type it in for your chance to win this baby what is super cool is it has all of the details from the car nicholas cage drove in the movie check this out there you go there’s your nitrous oxide tank in the back imagine picking your mates off in this how mad would that be you have got the go baby go button that’s mandatory of course and then the nitrous switch here turn on the nitrous oxide in the back this build is a little bit different than the one you could win the one you could win is a fully updated hand built licensed eleanor from fusion motor company and that one’s going to have all the mod cons so you’re going to get a navigation system and it also has an automatic transmission thank you to omaze for sponsoring this video go to this link right now it’s blondie for your chance to win this car a 1967 ford mustang eleanor officially licensed all taxes and shipping included plus 20 000 in cash go check it out alright guys let’s get straight back to it it’s a ferrari waterfall what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie let’s get straight to it i’ve got the newest ferrari on the market the f8 tribute how can you tell that this is the newest ferrari on the market number one it has the ferrari waterfall if you see that there’s a massive chunk of hood missing out of the front of the car this is one of those features that you can tell it’s the newest on the market this is actually called an s duct okay it goes all the way through and that helps with downforce number two these headlights have been updated the design so they actually cut off here whereas in the predecessor they used to go all the way up here now the predecessor is the 488 gtb this basically replaces the 488 on the market right so the f8 is like the new new new 488 right number three if you see this car passing you how can you tell that it’s the f8 it has four tail lights here okay on the back whereas the 488 only had two and number four it has these big vents that kind of curve around those tail lights so if you see all those things in combination you know you’re looking at the f8 tributor a look at this here’s the engine and i love that you can see straight in to this and it’s covered by this kind of plasticky flimsy layer but that’s okay what’s most important is that we can actually see what we’re working with i love that and so this is a 3.9 liter twin turbo v8 and it could actually be the very last twin turbo v8 that ferrari ever brings to the market standard ferrari key all right and we’ll do that here and then there’s a little thing in the box pull that up and look what is in here this is a plug of all your optional extras that you have paid for so basically this shows you how much cash you have splashed on this car for example you’ve got the scooteria ferrari logo shields that’s an optional extra and the 20 inch diamond forged rims so you can basically see there and remind yourself why you are now poor you spend too much on damn optional extras let me show you what they are so these are optional extras these are the shields that it just pointed to in there and also these are the diamond forged rims there are a whole bunch of things that you can get added extra to this car like any sports car or supercar look at this you’ve still got this like old school key i’m not sure why they still have that because a lot of supercars today modern supercars do not have that right all right let’s go inside this key has a nice little slot holder right there that’s always handy what they’ve updated from the 488 is for example these air vents they’re a few different updates so these ones now round like the f12 they’ve updated all of these little dials here and buttons to me this is a bit disappointing it looks kind of bland it’s not very locks all of these buttons for something that you’re paying almost three hundred thousand dollars for this car 275 000 for entry entry basic model and then all the added optional extras i just feel like this is a bit basic to me you know i’m loving all of the carbon fiber detailing but i’m sure that’s an optional extra as well all right let’s hear her shall we this is what the f8 tributeo sounds like all right all right head round the back as usual sexy all right what’s cool is you can get this passenger side display it’s actually touch screen look at that and you can go into media look if i’m playing the radio you can see web station but you don’t actually have any control over it as a passenger which is kind of annoying i think you can go into navigation and see where you’re going you can go into performance i think that’s probably the one that most passengers would keep it on if i rev you’re going to be able to see it there from the passenger seat you can flick both paddles back and it goes into neutral why does that matter because it means that wherever you are if you’re driving if you’re stationary on the road flick it back into neutral and you can start revving this baby and it’s so easy to do and then once you have to drive off again flick it back into first and off you go the mclaren doesn’t have that my mclaren 720s there is actually a neutral button down here that i have to press to go into neutral and it’s such a small thing but it makes such a difference supercar drivers want to flick it into neutral really quickly her rev a couple of times and then back into first mclaren listen up this is what we want we’re working with 710 horsepower guys 710 that’s the same as like the mclaren 720s i think what’s going to annoy some people is that this car now has the same engine as the 488p stuff you’ve got the same horsepower as something that costs 450 000 and this one can go for 275 dollars so if you bought a pista before this came out i think you’d be kinda a little bit pissed off all right here’s what it feels like yeah this is nice guys i had an option of buying the pista um and i was just like i’m not a huge fan of how ferrari kind of plays around in the back end um you have to be super careful in corners you need to know exactly how it’s going to respond otherwise it’s going to kind of like scoot around in the rear i think if you get used to it i think it would be quite a cool car to drive um what’s cool i love this the rev lights here is cool look at those lights so that indicates to you when you should be shifting i actually borrowed this car from superior rental cars here in dubai they actually are very impressive because they always have the latest cars on the market this car i couldn’t even get from ferrari it’s not even here yet they have it as a rental car company so thank you guys so so much for lending me this car that’s it guys i hope you enjoyed the vid and by the way i wanted to say a massive thank you to my youtube family you guys we’ve just surpassed 4 million subs that is crazy thank you guys so so much if you haven’t subscribed yet please subscribe we have so many cool things happening right what i’m going to do now is at every video at the end of each video i’m going to ask you a question please put your answers in the comments section i’m going to choose the best three comments and read them out with your handle so you get a shout out on my next youtube video alright so my question today is this if you could name this ferrari anything absolutely anything what would it be wrong answers only go crazy alright guys until next vid love ya so you

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