The British have come up with a way to quickly charge trucks

The British have come up with a way to quickly charge trucks


While more and more brands are working on fully electric trucks, this can still pose challenges for long distances. So the British see the future in trucks powered by overhead lines.

The UK plans to ban all diesel trucks from 2040. The British see an alternative that most closely resembles trolleybuses. Initially, tests of such trucks will begin in Scotland together with the German company Siemens. The UK is choosing this alternative because trucks require huge batteries to achieve reasonable electric mileage. The “cart” is equipped with a so-called pantograph, which is pressed against the overhead wires. The pantograph moves partially with it so that the carriage can move left and right when the truck changes lanes or turns.

When the car exits the highway, it switches to diesel. In the city center, trucks can once again run on electricity thanks to a battery pack that can be replenished with a charging cable. The actual footprint of such trucks is also considered in terms of the source of electricity: the power supply over the overhead wires must come from clean energy sources. By 2030, 65% of all freight routes should be electrified in this way. The total cost of this is estimated at £ 17.8 billion (€ 20.9 billion).

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