The Bugatti we deserve…

The Bugatti we deserve…


A resident of Poltava, using improvised means, converted the 2007 Chery Elara sedan into a kind of four-door concept car Bugatti C16 Galibier, presented in 2010. And now the car is up for sale.

An unusual car appeared on one of the online sites for the sale of used cars. The front of the Chery Elara sedan has optics, a bumper and a radiator grill in the form of a branded “horseshoe” Bugatti.

The technical stuffing of the Chinese donor car remained unchanged – a two-liter gasoline engine develops 129 horsepower and is paired with a manual transmission.

The owner of the car claims that the Bugatti C16 Galibier replica was built in a single copy. In addition, a car with a mileage of 70 thousand kilometers was fully serviced before the sale.

The unique car is priced at 5555 US dollars – even the owner of the car approached the pricing with imagination. In terms of this, it is 146 708 hryvnia. For the same money in Ukraine, you can buy a ten-year-old Renault Logan or Sandero.

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