The buyer of the new Ford Bronco brought a broken SUV

The buyer of the new Ford Bronco brought a broken SUV


A US resident waited two months for the delivery of a new Ford Bronco ordered from a dealer, but did not receive it due to the fact that the car was wrecked during transportation, reports Motor 1, citing the Bronco 6G forum. >

The American ordered a new 2021 Ford Bronco SUV on July 15. However, due to global problems with a shortage of microchips, which led to a shortage of cars, the client’s car was delivered to the dealership just now. On September 21, the buyer received a letter from the dealer stating that the car had damaged roof and windshield frame. The glass itself was also broken. As told in the dealership, Ford Bronco was damaged during transportation from the factory. Now the driver will have to wait for the new SUV, which will be delivered on a first come, first served basis only in the summer of 2022.

In 2021, due to a shortage of microchips, most of the major automakers around the world faced disruptions in production. As a result, many companies were forced to suspend production of some models. This has led to a shortage of a range of vehicles.

After the cars began to appear in stock, they began to sell them at an inflated price. Moreover, this affected both inexpensive cars and premium cars, which are equipped with a variety of electronic systems.

Deliveries of new Ford Bronco to buyers have already begun, however, due to delays in the release of cars from conveyors, the automaker has accumulated a queue of more than 100 thousand orders for this model.

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