The Cadillac Escalade will receive a giant monitor

The Cadillac Escalade will receive a giant monitor


With the change of generations in the cabin the biggest SUV Cadillac will appear and the large display high resolution.

Premiere of the new generation Cadillac Escalade is not far off, and the company published the first videotizer. Apparently, the main advantage of the SUV will be a unique display. In Cadillac decided to “splice” the dashboard and the screen of multimedia system, organizing common digital space for the driver and front passenger.

Promised that a single monitor will be truly gigantic: diagonal must exceed 38 inches. In addition, the display is made curved and endowed with ultra-high clarity. Allegedly, the density of pixels on the new monitor twice commonly used in 4K TVs. To Cadillac I assure you, in the automotive industry this idea implemented for the first time (although the Chinese had and a little more), but did not specify if it will include a huge screen in the list of standard equipment.


If the official screenshot of the video artificially to lighten, and you can see some other details of the SUV. At least it becomes clear that the interior of the Escalade will not be a copy of the “internal” platform Tahoe and Suburban: for a large Cadillac produced its own architecture.

Premiere of the new Cadillac Escalade will take place on February 4 in Los Angeles: the SUV will show to potential buyers within the framework of the “Oscar” of the week.

Approve large monitors in cars?

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