The car market in June is expected to record sales

The car market in June is expected to record sales


According to the sales of major automotive operators in the “Prompt market”, which has AUTO-Consulting, June may be a record month for new car sales. With it, a record for the last more than 6 years.

According to the service “Prompt market” for the first three weeks of June, the sales workers are restored. At the same time, sales growth of 74% in comparison with 3 weeks of may 2020. Given that sales of new cars in Ukraine amounted to 5855 PCs, may result might well reach 10 thousand sold new cars.


Most operators captures the recovery of demand in driving the sales of a variety of special offers, restored and liberalized lending. The number of brands increased sales in 2 or more times.

If sales to the end of the month will be equally dynamic, then, in this case, sales growth compared to may 2019 will be +49% and up to half of the Ukrainian market will be a plus and right up close to 40 thousand cars sold.

Next week will be known results of sales on the Ukrainian market by the end of June.

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