The car market of Europe in may stopped falling

The car market of Europe in may stopped falling

In may 2019 the European passenger car market showed moderate growth (+0.1 percent) after a decline lasting for eight consecutive months – 1.400.518 registrations.

Demand in the region was due mainly to the countries of Central Europe, which last month showed an increase of 6.2%. In contrast, the five major Western European markets showed mixed results: demand in Spain (-7,3%), UK (forecast to be minus 4.6%) and Italy (-1,2%) slowed, but rose in Germany (+9.1%) and France (+1.2 per cent).

The largest national market in the EU in may, remains Germany, where it was sold 332 962 new cars.

The second place took Italy, the inhabitants of which in may acquired 197 307 cars.

Completes the leadership Troika of France with a score of 193 948 sold cars.

As for European manufacturers, the first line has traditionally been VW Group, which within one month has sold in the EU 345 296 cars, while the decline amounted to 2.1% compared to may.

In the second place PSA Group with a score of 233 419 sold cars, which is 4.3% more than a year ago.

And the third result from the RENAULT Group – 155 784 PCs (down 3.7 percent).

In just the first five months of the year 2019, the demand for new cars in the European Union decreased by 2.1% in total was 6.7 million units. With the exception of Germany(+1,7%), five major EU markets this year showed a slight decrease.

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