The Car with a Spa function & Lazyboy Chairs!

The Car with a Spa function & Lazyboy Chairs!


Here’s the FF91 from Faraday Future. It’s their first all electric production car that they’re looking to have on the market next year. It super quick! 0-100 in 2.48 seconds (very specific I know ;-)), but at the same time, it has lounge chairs in the back.You can either drive the car and have that exhilarating feeling up front, or you can laze back as a passenger with a spa function and a massive fold down screen.Thanks to Faraday Future for giving us this exclusive look. Thanks to Parker from Vehicle Virgins for being part of my vid.Thanks always for watching guys xxAlex Faraday Future Concept Car Need for Speed Vlog – Parker from Vehicle VirginsFollow me on:

pushes open all doors I’m gonna show you guys the production car for this production car coming out next year this is what they’re hoping anyway 2020 this is super quick during one hundred two point four eight seconds here it is fearless and it’s not just the speed guys it looks crazy in the inside as well it’s got all these different details on there the f91 is going to be their first ever production yes loving is love these like little back suicide doors and look at this too lazy boy chairs that is awesome right pretty locks like you just don’t know what to expect on the interior with a car like this it kind of just looks like that’s actually it’s way more premium all right before I show you all of the cool features the house I’m just gonna show you how quick this thing goes right you ready for this I’m so ready I don’t know what to expect like I’ve been in a Tesla 100 I think it’s what is it be 108 yeah yeah and that thing is really quick I think it’ll be probably pretty similar what is the P 100 D is that – around 2 point it’s like it is right yeah okay ready hold on go okay where’s nice Oh oh my god this is well jeez I don’t know how many times you can do that a lot you’re right yeah you know what I think is weird about this car it’s meant to be like a super relaxing car because you don’t like the lay-z-boy nothing about all right this is an exclusive for this channel first time ever looking at the interior of this car and it is special because several reasons first of all take a look at these lazy boys right this is literally this is standard so when this car comes on the market these chairs are gonna lie all the way back like this this is crazy oh you’re just watching one of my video that’s all right I love it I’ll pay you Oh checks in the mail mate for that cutscene I liked it that was good shopper new yeah new merch launching he was just buying what I make apps good now come look at these guys it actually has speakers in the headrests we can be watching something here in the back like whatever on the screen and then someone in front you see here I’m in the front passenger seat they have their own massive screen here these cars can be in the front say on like a conference call or whatever and they can hear their conference call and then the guys in the back can be watching Netflix and you can kind of not hear what’s going on in either section of the car alright and the cool thing is this technology is all in the house like it’s all done by these guys they have not borrowed the technology from anything at from anyone else they’ve done it all themselves watch this open all doors what this is mad like tha this is nice I’ll look it’s one of my videos so I suppose just watching this one look how massive this screen is you guys massive poor friends if you guys haven’t seen that vlog go check it out links in the description below need for speed just came out look at this can you just show the difference between where Park is sitting and where I’m sitting look at this so this is yeah I like a normal proceeded position you know really and look how far back I am I’m actually really enjoying this I think it’s crazy you can spend 10 hours in the back of that asleep easily he said do you know what they have a spa function what yeah basically if you press a button every all of these windows automatically tint and then all the lights come on like a spa function white and it fills up like a bathtub and the start function boss up cause it’s the power function wait your Adsense revenue is very this also has facial recognition technology you see this it has a camera up here we are camera it’ll recognize who’s seated here in the passenger seat and adopt all of like your preferences so we’re objective or exactly all of those kind of preference things will be adapted based on who is actually sitting here so that’s pretty cool and I think that’s it I think that’s the end of the video thank you guys so so much for watching give the video a quick thumbs up subscribe to the family I would love to have you join me here I promise to perk up on the channel that’s it Thank You Parker thank you I say Parker with my Aussie accent no one knows who I’m talking about I like that that’s not better massive massive thank you to Faraday future for inviting us down here today it was awesome to meet you guys and good luck with your launch thank you so so much before showing us around your awesome cars all right guys we’re out see ya alright holy [ __ ] I feel like over a nap you know the adrenaline gets you yeah that exhausted I’m exhausted I don’t know how you feel it’s a driver I’m exhausted

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