The Car With No Driver | ft. Peugeot E-Legend Concept

The Car With No Driver | ft. Peugeot E-Legend Concept


This is the Peugeot E-Legend Concept which has the ability to switch between autonomous driving and normal drive mode. Besides only 2 Peugeot employees I was the world’s first person to drive this car so I could share the experience with you guys! Special thanks to @peugeot & the Chief designer Gilles Vidal @gillesvidal_official.Follow me on:Music by:Lucid Flow – Elevated MindSummer – Johnny HwinBlood Orange – Sunset Exotic

this car can drive all by itself no one in the car as you can see okay guys we are about to see the car of the future it’s a Persia now I have never reviewed a Persia on my channel but when they called me and said they had this car I knew that I had to share it with you so I have actually flown but there is coming there it is thirties I’ve actually flown to each Lee I’m on Lake Como the one question I asked was can I Drive it and they said well actually you’re going to be the world’s first person to drive this car take a look at this look I even got futuristic glasses for this shoot okay for sure actually no cars are ever allowed in here this is right on Lake Como it is blocked off at the end there with concrete barriers now what they’ve done is especially for this car they have opened up this entire area just for me to be able to look at this car and film it for you guys so I’m really excited to show you this this is the first time I’m seeing this car I’ve not seen it yet in real life you ready all right first test can I coolest thing about this car is look no one’s inside and yet a true this car is fully autonomous if you drive by itself here it is scooters there’s no one inside the car that is pretty damn cool all right we’re gonna have a little reveal now this remember this is the car of the future these skies is the e a legend all right now I’m going to take you through some of the coolest features some features you’ve never before seen in any car around the world and first things first I’ve got to try and work out how to get in the car has been here for about a minute look at all the people gathering around for the first time is out in public it’s been to a couple of car events around the world this is cool this is weighted here so it will always stay it with the Lobo to the ground the current Persian logo does not look like this they’ve designed a whole new logo based on their original logo just for this car so there is no handle right it’s really super slick on the outside if you just press this these three little buttons here the door will open welcome to the future take this out as off welcome on board a supercar blondie is so cool you can personalize this car to the driver come with me so all this car drive off the truck by itself it’s fully autonomous no steering wheel however when you want to drive there’s a D Drive mode it’s got my grubby fingerprints on it there we go now check out what happens the speaker comes out and the steering wheel is revealed check this out what but it’s pretty damn cool and also the pedals move closer towards you because now you’re in driving mode so now you can reach the pedals easily if you missed all of that because so much was happening let’s put it back into autonomous mode and see how the wheel is completely folded back away so here we go this goes down speaker comes out we all goes back and the petals also move back out of your way speaker goes down there young there’s autonomous driving mode this comes down if you’re in autonomous driving mode you can just watch a movie here on your screen and your passenger has a separate screen here so that they can watch whatever they want and that is a really decent sized screen even better than that though if you want to like have a full movie experience fold these away check out what we have down here this is a 49 inch screen and what it displays is actually a movie if you want to watch a movie or if you’re driving it has a camera at the front so that you can have a more interactive driving experience you can see what is happening at the front on this screen I think that’s that so people can get in the box like you the way board and let me get in the back here oh wow there is so much space it’s crazy oh hey here we go see the screen in front of you comes on so you can see what’s happening it’s not cool if you have exhaustion I need to practice my dance a little bit better than that in autonomous mode I can just watch a movie look how massive that screen is it’s like going to the cinema now you see one screen here that’s for boost mode basically that’s if you want a more focused driving experience they compile all the driving information you need onto one screen in front of you now if you want just a little bit more of a relaxed driving feel you can press legend yeah and all three springs will come up that’s cool so this is the km/h and this is the rev meter this is Jill everyone this is the global chief designer of photo this is very exciting what Persia is trying to do is create a car of the future that is realistic that we could literally see on the roads today right actually we’re trying to study the near future yeah and a future that could be interesting in the light well let’s take a look at the car it’s going now this is a fully electric car you guys so maybe you can also explain to us batteries where are the batteries in this this is the batteries you can even cool them down you know from from you driver when you run away so this is a cooling system here it pulls air into the into the battery area exactly exactly and so in terms of design you know the externally weight of the car having that very different from the rest of the car makes the car look slim and elegant yeah I see that velvet is back bright blue neon kind of velvet what’s the deal there instead of having just hide the fabric and high dignitaries everywhere it brought back this super colorful velvet from 60s and so it’s to memory – it’s not just to interesting and the nice memories you might have a few okay I get it so this car if you don’t know is kind of modeled off as she’ll said the 504 coupe or coupe a right so it has that kind of design aesthetic and what they wanted to do is instead of going fully fully high-tech and making you feel really uncomfortable with everything around you because it’s like all crazy-like materials that you’ve never seen before um the outsiders super futuristic looking they wanted to combine the past and the future so you’d feel more comfortable with going into the future as I kind of threw the deal analog and digital you mix big screens with wood and fabric yeah and so I got to think about where we’re heading with sustainability for example right so if this wood is actually sourced from sustainable forests the rims here they look super cool is this just for design or function what’s going on oh that’s menacing is in here actually the the idea riemann terms of aerodynamics it’s fully peaceful actually quiet bit boring okay as a designer so what we’re trying to do is give it a lot of sculpture and yet fill the holes with some inserts so 3d printed resells merging together with the aluminium and we have this straight you know when you’re driving on the road and you’re looking in your rear-view mirror one of the main things that tells you what car is behind you is the headlight so you need to really develop something that is unique to that that can’t make or even the car model the taillights and we have the Singapore since the 504 could be of the sixties and actually that when it was born is those free throws you’re going thing actually we didn’t we didn’t mean it like that but actually in the 60s yeah of course we knew the Mustang and the Camaro and a lot of cars but if you look at the the favor for play of the sixties points this it had the same spirit autonomous driving we’re gonna try that and then I’m gonna try and drive it myself okay it’s a bit cold now I’m just getting really girly yeah no one in the car as you can see no one in the car I feel like I’m some kind of magician right now as you can see there are no smokes and mirrors no one is in the car and we are about to make a drive it’s good hey you need a secret word you see come on come on that’s good oh my gosh my walkies walkies I don’t know I keep walking cars for some reason this one doesn’t need a leash though do a movie come on let’s go around this way pick up the tempo I’m coming with a car that’s crazy okay stop Wow guys that’s crazy right this is a realistic future right you and me we probably still want to drive in future we don’t want our cars to drive for us all the time so I’m gonna get in and drive it now Geo you want to come for a drive magic magic pretty damn cool pretty down for this is a very special moment I’m going to be the world’s first person to drive this car outside of Persia only to Persia employees have driven this car till today Jill I haven’t eaten I haven’t driven it yet so you’re gonna drive it before me okay I’ll buy you dinner later Arlen I’ve got my foot on the brake and I’m about to press the accelerator it actually says power up okay is everyone nervous I think it’s fun no I’m the only nervous one I used to crazy cars okay off we go people damn G oh this is cool come on come sit comfortable you know what to do so they want people to experience what we need you know and in what it is to drive us eventually surviving put car you know and when it comes back to us saying with how it’s like happens yeah Wow it can go it can’t it can’t go break time break time oh my god okay this is crazy check this out oh my God look at this we can see everything in front of us this is all alive yeah that’s about enhancing the driving experience you see arresting that since Fargo is being displayed so we can even see these birds so don’t run the pigeons up let’s go that’s amazing again let’s see if I can do this turn pigeons move their very regions they always move last minute oh my god though it’s awesome thank you so much this is one of the best days ever you’ve got 450 watts power about a range of 530 kilometers and zero to 100 is just under 4 seconds thank you so so much for watching give us a quick thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you haven’t yet this is where you’re gonna see the coolest craziest cars I mean hello big thanks to PO Joe and massive thanks to Sheila as well for showing me around it’s been so much fun I love you guys thank you so so much for watching for now we’re out

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