“The carriage” for the Queen: a large tuning Range Rover

“The carriage” for the Queen: a large tuning Range Rover


This time the basis for the construction of the limo was the Range Rover Autobiography in picking.

Tuners used his elongated modification, which is further increased by inserting the middle pillar. The length of the SUV increased by 1 016 mm up to 6 mm 215, in this case between the axles is now 4 136 mm. Atelier offers to place in a huge limousine four seats facing each other, but by special request, organizes the interior for two passengers.


The SUV in the construction process also receives a set of safety class VR8, respectively, it is able to protect its occupants from most of the ills of life. In addition, limo or complement a special bullet-proof tires that can travel up to 80 km at a speed of 80 km/h even if they are completely deflated.

Officially, the stated cost of the construction of a limousine, is intended including for the first persons of the States of 750 thousand euros. But according to the degree of reservation of the SUV, its price may exceed one million euros.

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