The cause of the explosion at hydrogen filling station in Norway

The cause of the explosion at hydrogen filling station in Norway

The problem that led to the explosion at the hydrogen filling station on June 10 near Oslo, was to properly set the plug in the tank with the hydrogen in the tank with high pressure. Manufacturer Nel released the cause of the explosion and sets precautions.

Currently, the company Nel in collaboration with Gexcon and relevant authorities inspected the tank with high pressure in place. A build error in particular incorrectly installed plug in ??one of the tanks with high pressure led to the leakage of hydrogen. This leak contributed to the contact of hydrogen and air, causing and explosion.

Now, when revealed ??the problem, Nel will check the integrity of reservoirs with high pressure and similar connectors. In addition, Nel said that he initiated the program, which describes new procedures for the Assembly, verification and documentation.

“Based on our research and analysis, we can conclude that the leak started because of incorrectly installed plugs in one of the tanks with high pressure,” says the Manager Gexcon Geirmund Weasley. Despite the fact that the fault was established, the investigation will continue to find out what mechanism caused the leak.

The incident in Norway, the operator H2 Mobility also disconnected four hydrogen filling stations in Germany, in which components have been installed Nel. Now, when the problem is identified, the H2 Mobility tests of the hydrogen tanks at these gas stations, in accordance with the new procedures. After testing, the completion of which is still not expected in the near future, a hydrogen refueling station should be reconnected to the network.

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