The CEO of Jaguar Land Rover will retire in the fall

The CEO of Jaguar Land Rover will retire in the fall


CEO and Executive Director of Jaguar Land Rover Ralph Shpet decided to leave both posts at the end of the contract in September of this year. This was announced by the Chairman of Tata Sons, Tata Motors and JLR the N. Chandrasekaran.

Indian thanked Professor Shpet for the work done over the past 10 years, noting that the Manager has managed to turn the company from “niche British automaker” in the “technological leader and a respected player on the international market.” Mr. Chandrasekaran also reported that the search for a successor will take himself and a specially formed Committee. The name of the new head will announce in the coming months. According to rumors, it could be a woman.

When Ralph Space Jaguar Land Rover to develop in the first half of the decade. Was updated and expanded model range of both brands, has opened several production sites in different parts of the world. In addition, the Jaguar overtook its German rivals, first releasing the electric – crossover I-Pace, which to date has collected many international awards. However, in recent years, the situation of the company deteriorated due to reduced demand for diesel models and falling sales in the Chinese market. To get out of it, the automaker had to drastically reduce expenses, including through layoffs.


In the fall Ralph Shpet not say goodbye to Jaguar Land Rover finally – he will remain as Vice-Chairman of the Board without Executive powers, that is, will participate in the development of the strategy, but not in the operating activities of the company. Also a top Manager that 9 September will mark 65 years, will retain a seat on the Board of Directors of Tata Sons.

Last summer from Jaguar gone, the author of all the current models, Ian Callum. By the fall of his new firm Callum presented a first draft – revised Aston Martin Vanquish first generation. This “cover version” of their Gran Turismo the famous designer decided to release 25 copies.

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