The CEO of Lamborghini told about upcoming cars

The CEO of Lamborghini told about upcoming cars


The leaders of the automobile manufacturer Lamborghini spoke about the future of the company.

In 2025 it is planned to release a new model that will complement the existing range of serial vehicles of the brand. This is necessary in order to increase sales, when the popularity of old vehicles will start to fall.


Also told the company that next year will appear Urus ST-X, which is created specifically for racing. Participate car and the competition in 2021.

Heads the brand has also shared information about the extension of the conveyor for models Urus. It is in the plans of the company, but not in the near future. Now the sales say that the offers on the market enough.

Demonstrated in the company statistics giperkara Sian, which was released only 63 copies, but was implemented in 3 months. Now the division that created the model is working on the production of a new car, presentation of which will take place next year.

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