The CEO of Porsche is against Italian manufacturers of supercars allowed to circumvent the ban on internal combustion engines


Porsche CEO Oliver Bloom does not like the idea of ​​individual Italian supercar manufacturers being allowed to circumvent the EU ban on traditional motors.

Earlier this week, the Minister for Environmental Affairs in the administration of Prime Minister Mario Draghi Roberto Chingolani said that the deal with the EU could allow small Italian carmakers (whose production volumes are rather modest) to continue producing models with gas engines after 2035. By this time, they want to ban the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines in Europe.

However, during a conversation with Bloomberg at the Munich Motor Show, Porsche CEO Oliver Bloom called such an exclusion unreasonable. Blum said everyone should do their part in the fight against climate change, despite the fact that companies like Lamborghini and Ferrari only sell a small number of cars, and mentioned the benefits of electric vehicles.

Obviously, both Porsche and Lamborghini are part of the VW Group, but the former is shifting its range to electric power at a faster pace than Lamborghini.

However, this does not mean that the Italian brand does not contribute to the fight against climate change. In fact, the successors to the Aventador and Huracan will be hybrids, and the automaker will also launch its first all-electric car sometime after 2025.

Ferrari has also electrified its lineup and even embarked on a transition to electrification, despite the fact that internal combustion engines have always been an integral part of it for many decades. Ferrari’s first electric car announced for 2025.

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