The chief designer of Bentley criticized the design of the BMW i3

The chief designer of Bentley criticized the design of the BMW i3


Expressions while the artist is not particularly shy. Recall, is the person under whose supervision was established the concept EXP 100 GT.

The rank of BMW i3 concept was presented in 2011 and caused quite opposite in mood responses. Bavarian company has decided to postpone the appearance of the concept with minimal changes to the production model, and now the i3 is probably the most “nasavrky” BMW in the production line of the brand.


Stefan Sielaff, the chief designer of Bentley, in an interview with Autocar said that BMW respects for the courage to make such a hatch serial. However, he stressed that in his opinion, buyers of the i3 to make their choice in his favor not because of the appearance.

“If we look at Taycan, you will understand that it’s a Porsche. If we look at Tesla, we will notice that they don’t look obtrusive-dramatic. As a designer, I admire the colleagues from BMW and their work on the creation of i3, but if you talk to his buyers, that they will say that it looks ugly…”, – quotes the edition of a word stylist.

Meanwhile, in the Bentley once promised that their own electric car too one day will receive a “very brave” design. However, to wait a long time, despite the presence of the company from CRU extravagant electrocontact EXP 100 GT and small-scale Roadster Bacalar in explanation: in the Bentley believe that the current level of development of the batteries does not correspond to the standards of the firm.


As for the BMW i3, despite his age, to withdraw from the compact “green” hatch the Bavarians are not going to. The hybrid sports car i8 already promised a speedy withdrawal from production, but the Junior model BMW plans to release at least until 2024.

Here you would have agreed or argued with Stefan Sraffa?

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