The Chinese brand Lifan is on the brink of extinction

The Chinese brand Lifan is on the brink of extinction


Plants of the automaker in China idle for several months, and the finished commodity auto “gathering dust” in storage.

The Chinese brand Lifan is going through difficult times. How did you find the portal, the company’s plants for several months are idle, but car production is minimized without any prospects for the resumption. Such information shared by the Chinese journalists, as well as former employees of Lifan. Brand sales at home fall for several years. At the end of last year the company managed to sell in the domestic market, only 58 000 of their machines. For the 23 million “high places” of the car market this result is quite modest.

Disappointing for stamps data come from the China Association of automobile manufacturers. According to her calculations, in September, the Chinese bought only 123 cars with the logo of the Lifan, and in October – only six.

Thus China may become the first victim of the crisis that overtook the Chinese market for the first time in 28 years. Last year, for the first time since 1990 there was a drop in demand. Auto sales went to “minus” 2.8%, but the indicators are purely Chinese brands are “sunk” greater – 8%.

We have brands are not doing better. A year earlier, Lifan was called the most popular among us, “celestial” by the vehicle manufacturer. However, after the closure of Assembly plants in Cherkessk dealers were forced to sell stocks auto. In October, the residents gained only 221 cars from Lifan. This figure is more than six times below last year’s result.

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