The Chinese company Baidu introduced a prototype of an electric truck DeepWay Xingtu

The Chinese company Baidu introduced a prototype of an electric truck DeepWay Xingtu


Chinese Internet giant Baidu is aiming to enter the automotive market and carve out a niche there. So, at the Tokyo Motor Show, the company presented a prototype of the all-electric DeepWay Xingtu truck, developed jointly by the DeepWay subsidiary and the Pininfarina studio.

According to the manufacturer, the novelty has a drag coefficient of 0.35, supports quick battery replacement and is equipped with a 450 kWh battery. It is reported that when fully loaded, which is 49 tons, the truck is able to travel about 300 kilometers on a single charge!

In addition to the monstrous battery, Xingtu is equipped with a Highway Intelligence system, which includes 11 cameras, one infrared sensor, five millimeter-wave radars and one lidar. Note that while the manufacturer does not name the features of the new autopilot and does not position it as a fully autonomous truck.

Outwardly, the new DeepWay Xingtu resembles the unreleased Tesla Semi. It is obvious that, in addition to the shape of the cab, the lining on the front wheels and rear wheels, hidden under the body panels, contribute to the low drag coefficient.

Thanks to the efforts of specialists from Pininfarina, the truck received a completely passenger cabin with a two-spoke steering wheel, a huge screen in front of the driver, which at the same time serves as a display for the multimedia system and a full-sized second row. Note that the purpose of such a number of seats in the truck is generally meaningless. There is currently no information about whether DeepWay Xingtu will go into mass production.

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