The Chinese copied the “Victory”: new photos of retromodel Wey

The Chinese copied the “Victory”: new photos of retromodel Wey


Great Wall has declassified its conceptual novelty under the Wey sub-brand.

The retrospective at the Great Wall concern got carried away after they hired British specialist Phill Simmons. In the summer of 2018, he stepped down from his position as chief exterior designer for Land Rover and moved to China to become chief designer for the Haval brand, and later other brands of the Great Wall concern fell under his leadership. True, so far the passion for retro style is limited only to the development of concept cars.

So, the new Wey Retro SUV is neoclassical, made in the style of the late 40s of the last century. This concept does not have a specific car that would act as a prototype, but in the design you can quite simply capture the elements of many cars of both American and European production. The new Wey Retro has LED optics, and inside the car there are three displays on the front panel at once. The car boasts a rich finish and modern equipment.

The disproportionately wide bonnet for cars of the 40s is a consequence of the unification of the concept car with the serial crossovers of the Wey brand, which has a platform with a transverse power unit and front-wheel drive. It is noted that Retro SUV is not a mockup or an electric car, but a fully operational car with a gasoline turbo unit. Most likely, such a car will not be in serial production. The full-fledged premiere of the concept car will take place at the upcoming auto show in China’s Chengdu.

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