The Chinese startup has provided a safe battery

The Chinese startup has provided a safe battery


Chinese startup Aiways preparing to enter the European market, introduced the world’s first battery pack with a sandwich structure. Feature patented insulating plate between the radiator and the cells, which prevents coolant leaks, even under extreme deformation of the entire unit, making it more secure.

The battery pack Aiways capacity 63 per kilowatt-hour is a multilayered “sandwich” consisting of rechargeable cells of a radiator of system of cooling and insulating boards. This plate provides additional insulation and protects the module against leakage of the coolant. According to the company, the entering refrigerant is in a dry part of the cells is the cause of 80 percent of incidents, safety-related batteries of electric cars.


The entire unit is operated by a built-in control system operating on the basis of complex algorithms to determine the degree of charge (SOC). Algorithms with the function of deep learning in real time provide information about the energy consumption and offer various options for improving efficiency. Natural tests showed that the crossover U5 with such a battery can drive 300 km at an ambient temperature of only zero degrees.

Earlier, the firm BYD, told about safe traction battery Blade Battery. He refers to lithium iron phosphate batteries (LFP), and do not fail even when forced to heat up to 300 degrees Celsius.

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