The chosen new venue of the Frankfurt motor show

The chosen new venue of the Frankfurt motor show


The Saga of reform one of the oldest international exhibitions is almost completed.

Strictly speaking, the title of the event – Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung – no reference to the place of no. The first automobile exhibition in Germany took place in 1897 and was held in Berlin, but since 1951, the latest cars consistently showed in Frankfurt am main. Therefore, the use of IAA and became known as the “Frankfurt motor show”.

But from 2021 the IAA will move to Munich. The Association Verband der Automobilindustrie, head of the exhibition, published the results of the competition among German cities for the right to host one of the largest events of the industry. In the final race was also attended by Berlin and Hamburg, but the choice was made in favor of Munich, and the presence in this city, the headquarters of large manufacturers is nothing to do with it.

The organizers claim that the main role played by the attractiveness of the city, developed transport infrastructure and experience of local authorities in conducting major events. Well, the concept of the “reloaded” exhibition, invited stakeholders from Munich, of course.


In the VDA expects to restart the motor show in a greatly improved format: the IAA needs to stop being “just a showroom”. Details of “reboot” while not advertised, but it is known that a part of the exposition should be ideas for the development of “urban mobility” infrastructure of big cities and so on. It is also reported that Munich authorities have already given approval for the use of the town centre as an area for demonstration of new developments.

The timing of the showroom in Munich is also not yet named. The exhibition in Frankfurt, held every two years in September, alternating with a similar event in Paris. By the way, some time ago it was assumed that canceled because of the coronavirus screening of new products in Geneva will also take on September.

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