The city will fall asleep, the Renault Twingo wakes up

The city will fall asleep, the Renault Twingo wakes up


Renault Twingo has got a limited edition called Urban Night. The new version is already available for ordering on the French market.

The new version of Urban Night is presented both for the gasoline version of the Twingo with a 65-horsepower 3-cylinder 1.0-liter engine, and for the version with an electric power plant. Renault Twingo in Urban Night performance can be distinguished by black 16-inch alloy wheels, as well as branded decals, and Renault will only agree to apply special stickers on the roof and rear pillar for a surcharge of 300 euros.

Inside, the new Urban Night version features high-gloss black accents and black seat upholstery with white accents. Urban Night has the same equipment as the top-of-the-line Renault Twingo Zen with internal combustion engines and Intens, topping the range of electric Twingo versions.

Therefore, buyers of this option, among other things, have the right to rely on satellite navigation with online services, as well as a rear-view camera with ultrasonic sensors. Prices for the petrol version of the Renault Twingo performed by Urban Night start at 17,300 euros, and for the electric version in France they ask for at least 26,650 euros. A panoramic roof will cost another 1,100 euros, and you will have to pay 250 euros for heated front seats.

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