The Communist party of China annoy the owners of Tesla?

The Communist party of China annoy the owners of Tesla?


In the middle of 2019 in China has ceased to operate support program for buyers of electric cars, pluggable hybrids and hydrogen cars. About it reported in 2014. Following this, the “greens” began to fall, eventually to the end of the year with sales down and profit. For example, BYD is seen that the dependence for the producers here are very poor: 12 percent drop in sales profit fell by 42%. Moreover, in coronavirus first quarter is the marketing of sustainable transport suffered more than others.


The Chinese government conferred and decided to return benefits, but not completely. First, refund the price of “green” car will fall by 10%. Secondly, from the vehicle tax, the owner will be exempt only for two years. Third, the discount will be granted only for cars costing up to 300 million yuan ($42,5 thousand). It turns out that in this scenario, even the buyer of the Tesla Model 3, the discount will be available, but buyers in the LCV segment, on the contrary – the green light. In subsequent years the discount will continue to decline in 2021 and by 20% from the initial level in 2022 – 30%.

In addition, the government will increase the minimum reserve with which electric vehicles will fall under a discount program. Recall that initially it was only 100 km away. in addition, regulators hope to spur technology Unallocated changing the batteries, which could be an alternative to the long charging process. Meanwhile, worldwide, it was already recognized as a dead end, at least for the private segment. The fact that over time the capacity of the HV battery falls, so if you change the owner always runs the risk of exchange your new battery on the old residual capacity in 40-50% of the original, and even below. Another thing, if translated into the technology Park the taxi in the major cities. New subsidy rules entered into force on 23 April.

Let’s look at the electric vehicles market in China in the first quarter of 2020. The leaders kept steadily Tesla Model 3 – 16 sold 747 machines. After a tight group coming BYD Qin EV Pro (8390), BAIC EU-series (7395), GAC Aion S (7038).

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