The company Alpina showed a teaser of the new 3-Series Touring

The company Alpina showed a teaser of the new 3-Series Touring


On the eve of the debut in Frankfurt, the company decided to publish a teaser, to tease the audience.

The German company plans to present a model Alpina B3 in the body “wagon”, whereas the design of the sedan is in full swing. However, today edition published a teaser image of the “charged” wagon, world debut which will take place on 10 September at the Frankfurt motor show, where will our journalists.

Note that the choice in favor of a universal seems a little strange — in most cases, the car manufacturers develop the sedan, which then has various modifications.


Teaser news does not give an idea about the model, however, we have previously published information about B3 Touring. So, under the hood will be located 3.0-liter unit with a turbocharger, whose power will exceed 400 HP Note that in the basic version, current model generation engine produces 404 HP, while the version with the letter S in the name to get the output to 433 HP

In addition to the B3 Touring AWD in Frankfurt will be presented diesel SUVs Alpina XD3 and XD4, and B5 Bi-Turbo Touring a.k.a. but the jewel of the line Alpine most powerful model will be a B7 with a powerful V12 engine.

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