The company Brembo can stop the supply of coronavirus

The company Brembo can stop the supply of coronavirus


The greatest number of cases of coronavirus in Italy was recorded in Lombardy (the Northern region of Italy, which is the industrial center of the country). Here are the production capacity of the company Brembo, which manufactures components for many automobile manufacturers.

A few days ago, the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte said that all stores in the country (not counting the grocery, and pharmacies), will temporarily stop its work. Also in Italy for some time close to bars, restaurants, hairdressers. Not to mention schools, universities, museums and theaters.


However, the factories yet continue its activities and work is allowed to go to work, products continue to ship. But the Northern region could be the first to stop such activities due to the fact that to date, the incidence of illness by coronavirus, it is most high. Representatives of the Lombardy region urged the Italian government to tighten precautions in order to minimize the possibility of the spread of coronavirus.

Tiraboschi Matteo (Matteo Tiraboschi), Vice Chairman of the company Brembo, believes that the following measures taken in Italy, can be a ban on the transportation of goods and restriction of movement of workers, that will mean stopping of the production in Italy. “For global automotive industry, the consequences will be huge, because the components produced in the North of Italy, uses half of the world’s automakers,” said Tiraboschi.

The representative of Brembo also urged Europe to coordinate any action with regard to industrial production, in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

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