The company Enevate promises 5-minute charge

The company Enevate promises 5-minute charge


Fill the fuel tank gasoline is much faster and easier than to wait for charging batteries in electric vehicles. The recharge time is, in fact, the only thing holding back the development of electric vehicles. Everything will change sooner or later.

Enevate company promises that their batteries can be recharged to 75% in five minutes and increase the stock move 30% compared to traditional batteries. In addition, cold weather has no effect, although conventional rechargeable batteries are very sensitive to cold.


All of the above is a statement of the company. We are often faced with the unreliability and manipulation of information, so it is too early to draw conclusions about the revolution in electric vehicles. However, if Enevate actually successful in the field of batteries, in the world of electrocyclic and electric cars all about to change. If you reduce the recharge time, then a much larger number of people begin to consider electric transport as a real alternative.

On the Enevate website you can watch a video that demonstrates the technology.

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