The company Honda has updated the Honda Civic hatchback


After upgrading the model received a slightly modified exterior, modified interior and new transmission.

Japanese company Honda has decided to refresh its hatchback Civic, so he was able to compete with their main rivals in the segment. In the end, saw the light of a modification of the “Sport Touring”, which as the transmission offers a mechanical box. The former variable has not disappeared and, as before, available for purchase.

The exterior of the new Civic Sport Touring became more aggressive due to the new design psevdoozhzhennom, which integrated fog lights, and tinted optics. Similar changes affected the front and back hatchback. In addition, head optics equipped with improved LEDs that provide more wide and long light beam.


Salon new improved vibroacoustic and picked up for him a new decoration options. The new Civic also relies multimedia with seven-inch display and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is now standard on the sports version as and raised to eight the number of speakers (compared to four). Buttons on the steering wheel was updated, and in the Arsenal of options auto now is the AutoPlay system.

On the technical side, in addition to the new powertrain, no change. Honda Civic is still equipped with a 160-strong “aspirated” or 176-horsepower turbo engine for a half liter. The first power unit now works in conjunction with the CVT and 6МКПП, the second with a CVT.

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    Is the new wagon Honda Accord

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