The company KIA has announced the selling prices of the new generation KIA Niro EV

The company KIA has announced the selling prices of the new generation KIA Niro EV


According to information found in the guide to ordering dealer, CarDirect now has prices for the upcoming KIA Niro EV 2020. The outgoing Niro EV 38 starts with $ 500 and still available. You can’t buy the model 2020, but it reportedly will cost 39,090 dollars.

New price $ 590 more than in 2019. CarsDirect indicates that the increase in range is not going to happen. Finally Niro EV 2020 appeared on the website of the EPA with mileage of 385 km. It is listed in 112 MPGe combined (123 city, 102 highway), and his efficiency rating is 30 kW/h. these figures correspond to the model KIA 2019. Importantly, the Increase in prices will affect both the base EX and top EX Premium.


Most models 2020 has been sent to the dealers in 2019. This is true for fellow Niro EV, Hyundai Kona Electric. Several electric vehicles in 2020 has not yet appeared on the EPA website, although most models 2020 has already been released. In addition, some of the model 2020 is still not available for sale, such as Audi e-tron. When this happens, there is always the worry that the model 2020 will not work. We’ve recently seen this in the case of the Honda Clarity Electric.

Hybrid version of KIA Niro this year will also receive some changes. The manufacturer plans to equip its new touch-10.25-inch screen, led lights and heating system of the battery.

What would you choose: Kona Electric Hyundai or KIA Niro EV?

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