The company Lotus unveils new brand logo

The company Lotus unveils new brand logo

British automaker Lotus has revealed a new version of its logo. He still retained the key elements, however, became more minimalist – now it used only two colors, and the image itself was “flat”.

The last time the logo was changed nine years ago, in 2010. Then mark a little updated version of 2009, making the lighter shades a little and refined the lines. This time, the changes were more dramatic: now the logo was two-tone and have lost volume.

Marketing Director of “Lotus” Simon Clare said the company had based the original logo of 1948, but he added the philosophy of the brand’s founder Colin Campana – “simplify and add lightness”.

The first logo of the brand has lasted 37 years, from 1948 to 1985. It was made in two colors: green, traditional British races, and yellow, in which was painted the body of the racing car company. In 1968 the company decided to conduct an experiment and switched to black and white logo, from which, however, declined rather quickly.


In 1986, the British decided to simplify the logo and removed the interlacing of the initials of the Creator, leaving only the name of the Lotus. However, next year the letters ACBC (Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman) back into place, and in 1989, mark returned and the classic design.

In mid-July, the company introduced the hypercar Lotus Evija, who became the most powerful production car in the world. Electric Dogdore weighs 1680 pounds, which makes it even and the lightest hypercar on batteries. The total capacity of the motors is exactly two thousand horsepower. Acceleration from standstill to 100 kph takes less than three seconds. About the same need to accelerate to 200 kilometers per hour. The speed limit “AVII” is 340 kilometers per hour.

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