The company Mutt introduced a factory custom Mastiff 125

The company Mutt introduced a factory custom Mastiff 125

The model received a redesigned gas tank and malaconotinae the Suzuki engine. And appearance meets retro style with all the model range of the manufacturer. In General, do not change it yourself.

Mastiff is an improved version of the super popular 125 CC bikes Mutt, the advantages of which makes it more durable and versatile. The tank retained its original shape, but its volume has increased to 17 liters (five gallons more than the standard model Mongrel). It also has cover in the style of Monza.

Round headlight is enclosed in protective wire mesh and kornevye grips have a diamond pattern. The bike comes with a set of 18-inch wheels with wire spokes, clad in off-road rubber. Massive wheels compared to the size of the bike gives it a surprisingly balanced view.

The appearance is supplemented with the exhaust muffler stainless steel, smooth brown seat with diamond stitching, matte-black livery and, of course, a scrambling dual rear suspension.

Weighs just kg, this 104,78 “Mastiff” is ready to ride both on-road and off-road. At home, in the UK, the model will cost the lover of retro-style 3 495 pounds sterling. Well, or 4 $ 400.

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