The concept of Fiat Centoventi is a serial and global

The concept of Fiat Centoventi is a serial and global


A recent innovation from the Italians will not only in the line of electric vehicles. The company spent huge funds for the development of electric vehicles, this is already running a research group and a full-fledged institution.

Fiat company is preparing to bring to market another train on the basis of the conceptual Centoventi. The public premiere took place last year in Geneva. Soon will start the serial Assembly. Compared to the Fiat 500e, both cars added to the segment of settarov, but the Italians thought about affordability. Because the model will receive an adequate price and will be a great options for the city, with a large trunk and roomy interior. Fiat Centoventi will take the platform at the electric 500e.

The concept was initially positioned as a universal car with wide possibilities of expansion potential. We are talking not only about the configuration of the interior but even the exterior. Centoventi will get several options of roofs, body kits, wheels. Variations of Primorac too few, similarly as multimedia.


Without recharging the electric car will easily pass 100-500 km depending on the version. Versions differ in the number of installed battery modules. Powerplant remains unknown, although it is not excluded the option of borrowing the engine from the Fiat 500e. In the case of car there is a 116-horsepower engine. Expense, the novelty will start from zero to hundred in 9 seconds. The maximum speed is 150 km/h as standard, the Fiat Centoventi its architecture is identical to the 500e. Because technical characteristics of the trains will largely overlap.

In addition to the development of the line of electric cars, the giant Fiat managed to design the wraps off the stylish youth of the truck. The second generation of the Strada will be sold in the Latin American market in the near future.

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